Want to add some extra zazzle to your event? One of New Zealand’s top burlesque performers Ruby has a variety of different acts to suit any occasion –  from high class cheeky glamour right through to comedic crowd interaction, Ruby is a chameleon both on stage & off able to personify a variety of styles. Many of Ruby’s routines can be modified to suit your event with alternative costume pieces & props available to cater to a wide variety of situations. Completely customised acts for your special event / show are available on request as well, just email Ruby with your event requirements via the contact tab or email for more information, options & quotes.

ruby ruin golden girlruby ruin wadjetruby ruin anti marilyn

Currently Available Acts:

– Neigh Neigh
– Wadjet (The story of the daughter of Ra), Award Winning Routine: “Favourite Strip Tease”, Golden Garters Awards at The New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2014
– Vintage Fabulous (Standard Feather Fans)
– Uptown Feather Funk (Deluxe Feather Boa Fans)
– Golden Girl (Classic Bump’n’Grind), Award Winning Routine: “Best Costume”, Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2014 & “Favourite Costume”, Golden Garters Awards at The New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2014
– Power Room Problems (Reverse Striptease)
– Anti-Marilyn (Violence is a Girls Best Friend), Award Winning Routine “Queen of the new Zealand Burlesque Festival 2013”
– Balloon Madness (Balloon Pop with Comedy Balloon Animal Blowing)
– Fallen Angel (Mechanical Wings)
– Casino of Ruin (Spinning Wheel)
– Boss Bitch Twerklesque
– Duo Acts Available with Bonita Danger Doll
– Ruby is also available as a emcee

Ruby Ruin - Golden Girl Ruby Ruin - Tribute Fans Ruby Ruin - Marilyn Munroe

Ruby Ruin – Wadjet (Australian Burlesque Festival 2015) from Ruby Ruin on Vimeo.